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How is a MEDs Doctor called out?
The Doctor are usually called out by the Ambulance Control covering Powys, which is currently based in Cwmbran but will probably shortly be moving to Carmarthen. The request is usually made soon after the 999 call is received by the control, just after the first ambulance is mobilized. On occasions the paramedics will arrive at an incident and request a BASICS (MEDs) doctor to attend the scene or rendezvous at a particular location prior to transporting the patient to hospital.

What incidents do they attend?
The Doctors tend to be requested to attend mainly Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) often involving multiple casualties, prolonged entrapments or where initial reports suggest critically injured patients. In summer months, the Doctors attend numerous incidents involving motorcyclists. They also attend agricultural and forestry incidents, fires, medical emergencies and on occasions unfortunately, suicides.

What area do they cover?
Both Doctors are available to cover the old county area of Montgomeryshire but will travel further afield if requested. Dr Russell also covers the Powys-Shropshire border and Dr Milne covers the Powys-Gwynedd border. Examples of Incidents attended:

Milk Tanker RTC A483, 3 hour 50 minute entrapment RTC near Guilsfield
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