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The history of BASICS extends back to the 1940s in North Yorkshire, where a GP working at Catterick Dr Ken Easton, realized that many lives could be saved following road accidents if skilled medical help was available at the roadside. This eventually led to the current organization BASICS.

Over the last 40 years, the ambulance service has developed from a simple transportation system to a professional body providing treatment from the roadside to the hospital Emergency Department, by land and air. Both research and experience has shown that teamwork involving all the emergency services and local BASICS Doctors can dramatically improve a critically injured patient’s chance of survival.

MEDs is an example of a scheme affiliated to BASICS, providing immediate medical care in and around Montgomeryshire.

Montgomeryshire Emergency Doctors (MEDs)

Montgomeryshire Emergency Doctors (MEDs) was set up by two local GPs Dr Les Milne and Dr Ian Russell in 1998 and launched at the Llanfair Caereinion Agricultural Show by Dr John Milton-Jones a former GP in Llanfair Caereinion. From those early days ,the scheme has registered as a Charity with a group of trustees and fundraisers. The two Doctors involved attend approx. 100 calls/ year on a voluntary basis with no NHS funding for their time, petrol, or equipment. They work closely with the other Emergency services to ensure the patient has optimal pre-hospital care.

Drs Milne and Russell with their Emergency Response Vehicles sponsored by MEDs and supplied by Robinsonís Autos of Welshpool RTC A458

MEDs – A Voluntary Emergency Service
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